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Introduction to school GDPR

SchoolsGDPR has been setup by a team who have worked in data protection for the last 20 years and on GDPR projects for the last two years. We believe children’s privacy is of paramount importance and all schools should be compliant with GDPR.

With our video tutorials, you will gain an understanding of the requirements involved and may download our full GDPR pack today.

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SchoolsGDPR compliance pack

GDPR compliance requires several key questions to be answered and a consistent set of documentation to be generated. This documentation provides the foundation for GDPR compliance. The SchoolsGDPR pack provides these foundational documents.

The Information Commissioner’s Office wants GDPR to result in organisations embracing a culture of privacy.

Schools are better placed to achieve this higher standard than many other organisations; schools understand compliance and already work hard to ensure that children are protected. You just need for the protections that you extend to other areas of pupils’ lives to be extended to protecting their personal data (and of course giving equal focus to staff personal data).

Given your understanding of compliance and your culture of child protection, if you are provided with the right templates and guidance you should be able to quickly put in place the foundations for compliance.

The SchoolsGDPR team has over 50 years of data protection experience. Our founder Tom Gilligan, has acted as a DPO and has supported many organisations, both public and private sector to become GDPR compliant.

Our SchoolsGDPR pack provides you with these templates and guidance which may be adapted to your specific school environment.

What's in the Schools GDPR pack?

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1. Mobilisation & Awareness


2. Record of Processing Activity


3. Lawful Basis for Processing


4. Consent


5. Children


6. Communicating Privacy Information


7. Rights of the Individual


8. Breaches


9. Data Protection by Design and Default


10. DPO


11. Training


12. Sharing of Data